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Bambi's Story

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One chilly evening, Field Services Director, Officer Mowery, received an after-hours page reporting two sickly dogs abandoned in someone’s yard.  The winter sky was especially dark that night, so when Officer Mowery arrived on scene, she pulled out her flashlight and looked around the yard. Her beam of light caught two emaciated beings.  She could see the bones protruding from their ribs, spine, hip and shoulder. One dog attempted to walk towards Officer Mowery but collapsed to the ground. Their lives were in grave danger.

As Officer Mowery carried the skeletal dogs one-by-one and placed them into the transport vehicle, their shrieks of pain pierced the quiet night. A local emergency veterinarian and shelter staff rushed to the Humane Society of Washington County to meet Officer Mowery with the dogs.  At an unbelievable 16 pounds, the male named Danny (pictured directly below), was too weak to stand.  Severely malnourished and dehydrated, bloodwork indicated that Danny was in organ failure, and the damage was far too advanced to be reversed.  The decision was made to humanely euthanize him.

Danny’s female companion, Bambi, screamed and cowered with fear when staff approached. Weighing a meager 19 pounds, green discharge seeped from her eyes, debris filled her nostrils, and dried fecal matter covered the fur that appeared to be draped over her bones. Bambi’s bloodwork showed minimal organ function and extreme dehydration. She required emergency hospitalization to rehydrate at a slow pace. If done too fast, she was at risk of dying.

In the following days, Bambi received a small amount of water every hour and an easily digestible meatball every two hours. Carefully and gradually, those amounts were increased as her body was able to handle more. Over time, her cries began to soften.

To ensure a comfortable recovery, Bambi entered our foster care program.  Her health gradually improved, and she slowly learned to trust people again. With only two months of proper care and nutrition, Bambi gained an amazing 18 pounds!

Her bones were no longer visible, her pain was gone, and her pitiful wails became a memory of the nightmare she once lived. Bambi was adopted and will never be starved and forgotten again. In fact, her new owners happily admit she may have a few extra pounds now because they can’t say no when she wants a special treat.  

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