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First Come, First Served FixMeow Spay/Neuter Day

April 15, 2019 - 8:15 am to 5:30 pm
HSWC Veterinary Center
13011 Maugansville Rd
Hagerstown, MD 21740
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The final round of the first-come, first-served FixMeow spay/neuter day will be on April 15th with 24 slots available! Doors open at 8:15 am, but we will start handing out numbers at 6:15 am. You can line up before that, but numbers will be handed out based on the order of people at that time. Numbers will be given per cat (not per household), so some people may get more than one number.

*Limit of 2 cats per household. Cats MUST be in carriers with only one cat per carrier.*

Only 29 numbers will be handed out. People who do not receive numbers are welcome to wait, but are unlikely to get in. Numbers 25-29 are on standby in case someone’s pet is not a surgical candidate or has incomplete paperwork. Those numbers are not guaranteed surgery that day.

To have your cat(s) spayed or neutered, you must bring:
- A license or state-issued ID that shows you live in one of the required zip codes: 21740, 21742, 21722, 21795, 21782, or 21713. If your ID does not reflect your current address, you must bring a utility bill or lease/rental agreement with your current address.
- Income verification proving you earn less than $50,000 annually (pay stub, financial assistance paperwork, etc.)
- Proof of rabies vaccination if your cat is up-to-date. However, it is not required that your cat be current on this vaccination.

Cats cannot have any food or water after 11 pm on April 14th.

We cannot spay/neuter your cat(s) if all of the above conditions are not met.

Please plan to pick up your cat(s) between 5-5:30 pm that day.

Please Note: HSWC was required to identify a specific area for the grant. The 21740 zip code was selected based on a combination of the shelter’s feline intake population and the U.S. Census Bureau Report showing poverty levels in this area. The addition of the 21742, 21722, 21795, 21782, and 21713 zip codes was approved by the Maryland Department of Agriculture to expand the scope of the grant. While we wish we could help everyone, the grant requires that we focus on specific zip codes.