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Foster puppy and kitten

Many of our animals have special needs that make shelter living particularly hard on them. Animals that are very young, sick, injured, or those that are terribly shy often fare better in a home environment. Foster parents take these animals into their homes and care for them until they are ready to return to the shelter or a permanent home.

The goal of the Foster Care Program is to improve the adoptability of these animals and ultimately help them find permanent loving homes.

As a Foster Care provider, the time and love you offer provides the animals in your care with the nurturing they desperately need. The positive influence you will have will help instill and intensify the animal-human bond that is essential in a well-adjusted pet. Your influence may be the key element to helping these animals become suitable for adoption.

We welcome foster parents from other counties and states, as long as you're able to get your foster animals to the shelter for both routine medical care (every 2-3 weeks) and if any emergencies crop up. 

Puppies at the Washington County Humane Society

How can you become a Foster Care provider?
Please complete our online form below. You will be contacted in a few days to discuss the program in further detail. Together, you will determine which animal(s) you are best suited to work with. As animals in need of your help come to us, the Coordinator will contact you to discuss moving the animal(s) temporarily into your care. Filling out the form does not commit you to being a foster parent. If you have questions, please review FAQ about Foster Care first. If you would like more information on the foster program before filling out the form, please contact our Foster Care team at