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Dogs Rescued from South Korean Dog Meat Trade Available for Adoption at HSWC

Last week, the Humane Society of Washington County (HSWC) accepted fourteen dogs rescued from the dog meat trade in South Korea by Humane Society International (HSI). Many of the dogs, including a mother and her puppies, were rescued from the Gupo dog meat market, while others were rescued from the 15th Farm. Three of the dogs, including a Jindo mix puppy and an adult Miniature Poodle mix, are available for adoption at HSWC today, while the remaining puppies and small breed dogs will be available for adoption in the coming days.

“I am thrilled with the direction the shelter has taken in the last several years. Because the dogs that come in locally from Washington County are adopted quickly into our community, it gives us the ability to save dogs from other states and in this case, another country,” said Kimberly Jones, Director of Operations. “Our goal is to get dogs into loving homes, as that is where they belong.”

South Korean authorities shut down the Gupo dog meat market, where live dogs were killed to order. The dog meat vendors were then offered compensation to start other humane businesses. HSI worked with the farmer and local groups in South Korea to close down the dog meat farm, which held more than 90 dogs and puppies. The farmer will transition to a more profitable and humane trade. This is the fifteenth dog meat farm in South Korea that HSI has helped close down since 2015.

HSI transported the dogs to its shelter and rescue partners in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.  

This is the fourth time that HSWC has welcomed dogs from South Korea.

Available animals at HSWC, including those from South Korea, are spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and up-to-date on worm and flea preventatives prior to being placed up for adoption. The HSWC also provides adopters with a complimentary health visit at a participating veterinarian, as well as an option for 30 days of free health insurance for their new family member.

Pictured: Dogs rescued from the South Korean dog meat trade with their caretakers, before being transferred to HSWC and other shelter and rescue partners.