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Fresh Legs for Dinky - How You Can Help!

We'd like to tell you about a very special cat with hopes that you can help.

Dinky is a black short-haired eight-month old kitty who appeared in the shelter’s backyard shortly before Thanksgiving. Our Dispatcher is a fierce advocate for cats, especially those who are feral or free-roaming, and she trapped Dinky to have him neutered and ear-tipped.  Her plan was to return him to our yard and let him live out his life under our watchful eye. 

But during Dinky’s exam, our veterinarian noticed something wrong with both of Dinky’s front legs. Turns out, he had a defect that required a bilateral ulnar ostectomy in order for his legs to grow properly, otherwise, he would surely be in trouble.  However, our clinic does not have equipment necessary for such a procedure.

Dinky had proven himself to be such a sweet, affectionate boy that there was no question we would give him the surgery he needed and find him a loving home. So we reached out to a local veterinarian and he performed Dinky’s surgery for $1,700!  Incurring major veterinary costs puts a strain on the shelter’s finances, but we could not ignore Dinky.  Dinky tugged on our heart strings with his incessant purring and head butts, and made us all fall in love.

We are asking for your help in covering Dinky's unexpected medical costs. In this case, we have partnered with another organization to create a special fundraising effort just for Dinky. 
To donate toward his care, please go to this link:

If 100 people donate just $17 each, Dinky's surgery and medical costs will be completely covered! Be a part of Dinky's success story and give today.

All money raised through this Greater Good campaign comes directly to the HSWC for the purpose of covering Dinky's medical expenses.