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Give the Gift of Comfort

Please donate a Kuranda Bed to the HSWC so that all of the animals in our shelter can have a comfortable place to lay.

Through this site, Kuranda Beds are discounted and will be shipped for free directly to the HSWC. For more information and to donate, please click here.

Kuranda Beds help an animal feel a sense of comfort and normalcy in a shelter environment. These lifted beds give dogs their own off-the-ground bed that relieves stress on joints. Sleeping on an elevated surface evenly distributes a dog's weight, which eliminates pressure points. Dogs feel as though they've slept on real furniture rather than the cold, hard shelter floor. 

Our goal is to have a Kuranda Bed for every dog kennel in the shelter. Currently we have enough for the kennels on the adoption floor, but that means there are 40 other kennels where dogs have no relief.

We'd also love to help the cats in our shelter. Cats love perches and platforms. The Kuranda Cat Beds are created to be used in smaller spaces, perfectly fitting inside kennels. The design gives nervous cats a safe space to hide underneath and a great vantage point from on top.

Thank you for helping us give the animals the gift of comfort during their HSWC stay.