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Hope Officially Adopted by Foster Family

Nearly 3 months after she was found abandoned behind the Hagerstown Target, the puppy named Hope has been formally adopted by her foster family through the Humane Society of Washington County (HSWC).

The Clarks of Smithsburg, MD have been an active HSWC foster family for 3 years. Erin Clark is one of the newest members of HSWC’s Board of Directors and currently serves as Treasurer.

“We are a family of animal lovers, so it was no surprise that the first kitten we ever fostered for HSWC was a foster failure. After learning that we were selected to foster Hope, we knew almost immediately that history was likely to repeat itself!” said Clark. “Fostering is a fantastic opportunity to help and love an animal while still having the support of HSWC’s amazing team. The foster program not only helps open space for other animals at the shelter, but helps young or less confident animals acclimate to life outside of the shelter. We are so grateful we were given the opportunity to help Hope heal and now to provide her the life that she should have had from the very beginning.”

After Hope’s adoption papers were signed on Saturday, October 6, a celebratory adoption party was held at HSWC.  Hope, now 5 months old, enjoyed a homemade pumpkin and peanut butter “pup-cake” and was given a joyous send-off upon leaving with her family. Dogs throughout the shelter also celebrated with mini “pup-cakes”.

“Today is a celebration in many ways. We are celebrating the people who made Hope’s survival, and now adoption, possible,” said Crystal Mowery, Field Services Director. “Today we celebrate the dynamic team of medical professionals who worked tirelessly to ensure Hope’s survival, the staff at HSWC who assisted in any way possible, the public who showed an outpouring of support and provided us with the financial means to cover Hope’s medical expenses, and her new family who loves and adores her! We can celebrate all these people today because no one gave up hope.”

As with all animals in HSWC’s foster care program, foster parents are given the first opportunity to adopt an animal they have cared for. To be considered for fostering animals like Hope in the future, please consider becoming an HSWC foster parent. Details can be found at