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HSWC Receives Puerto Rican Dogs through "Operation Breathing Room"

The Humane Society of Washington County has received 13 Puerto Rican dogs as a participant in “Operation Breathing Room.”

“Operation Breathing Room” is a program run by The Humane Society of the United States that helps to free up space in overcrowded shelters in Puerto Rico so more sustainable solutions to address the problem can be put into place. The island has over 300,000 stray dogs roaming the streets and a 90% euthanasia rate in most shelters.

“I'm so pleased that the HSUS reached out to us and that together we were able to save these precious lives,” stated Ellen Taylor, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

A total of about 200 cats and dogs were transferred from Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and from there have been dispersed to various shelters along the east coast.

The dogs arrived at the shelter April 10 and have since undergone health examinations. They will be available for adoption at the HSWC upon completion of spay and neuter surgeries.