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Thank You!

There is only one hour left in the event, but the HSWC would just like to say THANK-YOU!! We could not continue our mission and save lives without support from people like you! So whether you donated, adopted, or shared a status, we are forever grateful! We are incredibly fortunate to be in Washington County!

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Kitten Break Tomorrow?

Did you have a long day? Did you forget that you could have snuggled a precious baby today? Do you feel like these guys do? Don’t worry, because there is still time to make your donation of $250 to receive a kitten break TOMORROW! Don’t you want to snuggle something and take a break from work? There is still time to get your gift into our site!

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Andrea Press on Washington County Gives!

The HSWC receives over 6,000 animals a year for various reasons. Listen below to the story of why Andrea had to surrender her canine companions. However, the point of this story is how much Andrea loved her dogs, and how she wanted what was best for them. Surrendering animals is never easy but Andrea tells how we were able to find them the homes they deserved! Thank you Andrea for telling your story.

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