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Lost & Found

Harper the cat at Washington County Humane Society

If you have recently lost or found a pet, use the corresponding link below to provide a detailed description of the pet so we can help the pet become reunited with its owner. It is the policy of the HSWC that we do not depend upon the description that individuals provide as the sole means of locating their lost pet. All individuals who list their pet as lost with our Lost & Found representative will be informed that they must come into the shelter every three (3) days to check for their lost pets. By law, we are required to hold all strays for five (5) business days, unless they are injured, sick or dangerous, to allow time for owner and animal to be reunited. After the stray period, the animal is evaluated to see if it is an adoption candidate.

Found animals need to be held for 30 days by finder or brought to the shelter. They cannot be rehomed until the 30 stray period is up

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