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Public Assistance FAQ

I want to get my pet fixed but can’t afford it. 

You can apply for a discount voucher through our Public Assistance Program through the Help Desk at extension 243. The vouchers are only for residents of Washington County. Dog and Cat SNIP programs are available to citizens who are receiving county, state or federal government financial assistance, Social Security or disability benefits. Cat SNIP is also available to those maintaining feral cat colonies. There is a $40 co-pay for dog spay/neuters and a $20copay for cat spay/neuters. The SNAP program offers a discount voucher and covers $80 towards a dog spay/neuter, $60 towards a female cat spay and $30 towards a male cat neuter, plus $10 per animal for pain medication. Additional expenses may be incurred at the veterinarian’s office. These programs are available depending upon available funding.

Do you give away free pet food? How do I get some? 

The HSWC has a Pet Food Bank program that is available to residents of Washington County. Visit the shelter during operating hours to receive food.

Do you have programs for animal owners in need of financial assistance? 

Yes, as funding allows. We have an Animal Health Vaccination Voucher that helps reduce the cost of vaccinating your pet against highly contagious diseases. These vouchers are good for up to $75 and can be used at any participating Washington County veterinarian. We also have the program H.E.L.P. that is designated for residents suffering from an economic hardship who need aid in an emergency situation. Please call Customer Service at extensions 208 or 211 for information. Additional Programs. From time to time the Humane Society of Washington County provides assistance programs to meet the needs of Washington county residents. Program announcements will be posted on our website or you can call 301-733-2060.