Our Programs

Animal Vaccination Voucher Program

This program was established to provide financial assistance for animals owned by fiscally challenged residents of Washington County. Through this program, residents may have their dog or cat inoculated against easily transmitted diseases (rabies and bordatella) for free.

The H.E.L.P. program

The H.E.L.P. program assists owners in retaining ownership of their pet during the current economic downturn. For emergency situations, the program can assist with veterinary costs, temporary boarding of pets, landlord pet deposits, etc. ($100 limit). Any Washington County resident who is currently experiencing a hardship due to the economic climate may qualify. Additional requirements are proof of financial hardship, such as unemployment benefits, proof of pending foreclosure, notice of bankruptcy, or workers’ compensation benefits.

Humane Education Programs

Fostering healthy, compassionate, and respectful relationships between people and animals is one of the HSWC’s many commitments. To accomplish this goal, we have implemented a Humane Education Program to teach children to be responsible pet owners. We hope the messages we teach will stay with them throughout their lives. The program topics include how to stay safe around dogs, being a responsible pet caretaker, safe handling of dogs and cats, and how to treat abandoned or tethered animals. We have presented to after school programs, elementary schools, 4-H groups, home school groups, summer programs, Boy and Girl Scouts, and in libraries. For more information, please contact Kim Jones at 301-733-2060  x240  or kjones@hswcmd.org. Please give one to two weeks notice to help with scheduling.

Pet Food Bank

The Pet Food Bank is a free service is driven by donations from individuals and businesses in the community. This program receives no funding from state or local government. Residents who are receiving county, state, or federal government financial assistance, or Social Security or disability benefits may qualify. Additional program requirements include proof of a current dog license and rabies vaccination for all dogs and cats and approval letter for receiving public assistance, Social Security, or disability benefits. Owner agrees not to increase the number of pets in the home while receiving this assistance and also agrees to spay/neuter all animals currently in the home. Applicants will be required to sign a commitment agreeing to comply with all HSWC program requirements.

Silver Lining for Seniors

Silver Lining for Seniors is a program established by local Washington County resident, certified professional dog trainer and owner of BPWSITV Karol Kennedy, along with her brothers John and Michael, to honor the memory of their mother Marie. The program provides financial assistance to enable Washington County senior citizens to adopt animals from the Humane Society of Washington County.

For additional information on the program, click here.


Residents who are receiving county, state or federal government financial assistance, Social Security or disability benefits may qualify for our DOGSNIP or CATSNIP programs. DOGSNIP 
is funded through the Humane Society of Washington County’s annual fundraiser, Howl at the Moon, as well as through donations and grants. There is a $40.00 co-pay for each dog spay or neuter surgery. CATSNIP 
is funded through grants and donations and has a $20 co-pay per cat. 

To qualify, applicants must have an approval letter from appropriate government agency indicating receipt of public assistance, Social Security or disability benefits. Assistance is also available for individuals maintaining feral cat colonies.

program (Spay Neuter Assistance Program) is funded by the Washington County Dog Licensing Program. It provides a discount voucher redeemable at any Washington County participating veterinarian covering: 
$80 for a dog spay/neuter plus $10 per animal for pain medication, $60 for a female cat spay plus $10 per animal for pain medication, $30 for male cat neuter plus $10 per animal for pain medication. All residents of Washington County qualify. Additional program requirements are proof of a current dog license and rabies vaccination. If unavailable, the client will be required to pay for them when they drop off their pet at the clinic for surgery.

There is no co-pay to the HSWC. 
Note: Additional expenses may be incurred at the veterinarian’s office.


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